of course i can say all this, my appartment building is not burning down...

i have finished the two big things that were on my to do list, it's summer and i'm incredibly impressed at their level of difficulty, given my past year.
1. the second puzzle (effing sky)
2. The first novel i've read in too too long.
i would like to promote something that is happening shortly in the city. a wonderful endeavour of wonderful people, is the 'choose yer own' festival to be held on august 8-10th. i'm sad that i didn't get to submit (as usual right) and wish every one who did luck in their part of the shenanegans. you can check them out here ! good luck all, and looking towards the fun!

right, there is a fire next door, complete with big red trucks. i'll be back!
...gosh, i'd hate to be worried for my home, more than i am normally. this should, however be interesting given the local crack dealer lives there....


i'm also going to mention the lovely art work at the epcor centre in the +15 windows right now. there's a great show by one randy gibson and one lee nielsen (as seen above) (yuck fire truck exhaust blowing in my flat...), as well as some lovely work by darren wood and rebekah miller, curated by suzanne piechotta. there is also a lovely retrospective of kyle nylunds current body of wearable art (as seen in ArtaWEARness 8). the other two window offer equally great stuff (i simply don't know the artists) and should deffinetly be seen. i think the shows are only up for a bit longer so you'll have to jump on it!

i'm going to do a little gallery tour between work and yoga tomorrow. so i'll let y'all know what else is worth seeing around town.


ps. the fire trucks just left, seems all is well

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