Less sexy, but just as interesting to look at!

out of the minds of artists comes the prettiest shit in the entire world.

Holy Shit Yes!

Now that the Celebrity Hot Tub party is over, we can actually go out and live like normal Wednesday night people... But we'll do that next week.

This week is Holy Shit Yes! The best bike riding and appartment partying adventure... Should be just as good as the sex above looks! And, yeah, it looks good!



well la de da

"How’s this for a shitty art project: you make a universe out of matter whose elementary particles decay after a mere (1 x 10 to the 200th power) years, or asankheya kalpas, whichever comes first. You trap all the art lovers inside it, making sure they know they will be annihilated along with the concept piece. Then, just to really stir the pot, you give them Sex, but then send out Priests to make them feel guilty about it. Oh, and you let one of them invent television."

-tom buchner
as quoted here

i want 23 thousand myspace friends


bluebeard by vonnegut

since starting art 'school' two years ago i have frequently asked myself what the hell i'm doing there.
i couldn't even tell you what the starting line was for putting together an application. i've never been good at art. found museums and most galleries dull. i lack the ability to read into anything and declared picasso as my favourite artist. i couldn't draw to save my life, and incidentally still can't.
having, however, a rather creative mind i think the design department lured me in, as with so many ACA potential's. i wouldn't even factor in my travels in europe where i got to see some of the 'best' art there has ever been (albeit missing several of them for lack of sheer knowledge and having to return a few more times for a closer look)

anyways i think i may have figured it out.


These Cigarettes Won't Smoke Themselves

MSTRKRFT ripped my head off last night. If you don't know who they are, you're missing out and should probably crawl out from under the rock you're kicking under and start shaking your boots to some serious face melting production...

The show was by far the best thing Calgary's Flames Central has ever, ever seen.

'Nuff Said


youth evades me!

good bye celebrity hot tub party

GB dance mother fucker

GB indie rock dance night

GB broken city

miss you!


This Week's Party Schedule...

The Alphabetized Bible

Although completely useless... this bible proves more interesting than the King James Version that's for sure

Oh yeah, it's made by this artist called by Tauba Auerbach.



It's new on the dailys... art... 'nuff said!

Summer Reading

Some classics to brighten your days:
Oliver Twist - Charles Dickens
Huckleberry Fin - Mark Twain
A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess
The Odessy - Homer
The Outsider - Albert Camus
The Diving Bell and The Butterfly - Jean-Dominic Bobby
The Cheese Monkeys - Chip Kidd

Read it, love it, then go to bed!!!



I know you know I had my bike stolen about 2 weeks ago... well things are looking up, that's right, I HAVE A NEW BIKE!!! So, in celebration, I'll be hosting a critical mass/bike gang party tonight. Just call me y'all!


Fuji... Granny Smith... Macintosh!!!

I honestly don't care who you are... something this simple and beautiful has got to be a necessity. It doubles as an accessory when under your arm, and it actually works when you want it to. I know I don't ever travel without mine...


Keepin' them cuffs rolled!!!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that what's trendy won't always stand up to the test of time, but this had better. Upon noticing that everyone on the runways was rolling or hemming their pants at a point on the leg that could only please a waterlogged sailor, I decided to give it a try. Now, call me crazy, but this has to be the best summer trend since sandals or culottes. Considering I loathe wearing shorts, and socks for that matter, this would appear to be the ultimate solution: no socks and rolled pants. If you don't believe me, give it a try, i love it!


i am a rock, i am an island

lets' talk about booze.
it's lovely.
i loath those who preach ' taste this, you can't even taste the ...'
fuck them, i drink for the booze, i think it's nice, and that's how i was raised (by my best friend) and that's how i hope to always be.
but let me tell you my failsafe hangover cure, useful when its been a good night:

1) don't get so drunk that you can't follow these instructions. (they're simple, c'mon, don't try and kill yourself drinking and you can do it!)
2) when you arrive home/sleeping place, in whatever state: EAT! should include toast with butter or peanut butter (vegans), or some cereal. if it's cereal on the menu, high fat milk helps.
3) the main point: drink twice as much water as you did alcohol. if you didn't keep track of your drinks (which is a exercise to do while you wait for toast to cook) i'd go with around 2 pints of water. plus one for good luck. so basically if you converted every drink into a shot, drink two shots of water. or if you considered the ammount of straight alcohol in a pint of beer (3-9%), have twice that of water. (about a pint for a pint).

eat something with fat in it.
plus twice as much water as booze.
no hangover!

good luck everyone!


modern love

calgary craigslist > missed connections

Dan NoLastName - w4m - 19 (My Bedroom)

Reply to:
Date: 2008-07-13, 10:51PM MDT

Dear Dan NoLastName,

Your intesity scares me so much, and I'm pretty choked that you had to leave.
I gave you my number....use it.
I cant stop thinking about the way you look into my eyes

  • Location: My Bedroom
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PostingID: 754028187

of course i can say all this, my appartment building is not burning down...

i have finished the two big things that were on my to do list, it's summer and i'm incredibly impressed at their level of difficulty, given my past year.
1. the second puzzle (effing sky)
2. The first novel i've read in too too long.
i would like to promote something that is happening shortly in the city. a wonderful endeavour of wonderful people, is the 'choose yer own' festival to be held on august 8-10th. i'm sad that i didn't get to submit (as usual right) and wish every one who did luck in their part of the shenanegans. you can check them out here ! good luck all, and looking towards the fun!

right, there is a fire next door, complete with big red trucks. i'll be back!
...gosh, i'd hate to be worried for my home, more than i am normally. this should, however be interesting given the local crack dealer lives there....


i'm also going to mention the lovely art work at the epcor centre in the +15 windows right now. there's a great show by one randy gibson and one lee nielsen (as seen above) (yuck fire truck exhaust blowing in my flat...), as well as some lovely work by darren wood and rebekah miller, curated by suzanne piechotta. there is also a lovely retrospective of kyle nylunds current body of wearable art (as seen in ArtaWEARness 8). the other two window offer equally great stuff (i simply don't know the artists) and should deffinetly be seen. i think the shows are only up for a bit longer so you'll have to jump on it!

i'm going to do a little gallery tour between work and yoga tomorrow. so i'll let y'all know what else is worth seeing around town.


ps. the fire trucks just left, seems all is well


The Golden Filter

The Golden Filter - "Solid Gold"
Sounds like Hercles & Love Affair, after being sent through the Studio 54 Filter and growing some balls.
...from luis mallo's In camera series


alice could think of nothing better to say than 'indeed?' but she said it as heartily as she could. they went on a little way in silence after this, the knight with his eyes shut, muttering to himself, and alice watching anxiously for the next tumble.


full moon tonight!

Celebrity Hot Tub Party

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight is the penultimate Celebrity Hot Tub party with Big Buddy Colin, randygibsontakesphotos and Noah York City at the Broken City Social Club here in Calgary. The drinks flow freely and the music will knock your teeth out. (speaking of music, cop the latest edition of COMrad Radio as produced by Noah York City and Biz Cazh to get you through today's doldrums)

Come out, support the boys, dance and raise a holy can of Lucky Lager to the sky in praise of the Celebrity Hot Tub Party.

Oh, and don't forget to say hi!

I can't believe I never stumbled across this before. 'Sup magazine is (from what I can discern) an online music and culture magazine; not only that, but it seems to be the only one I can find that asks the questions we all want answered without all the cute and quippy bullshit we've all come to expect from the likes of NME and Rolling Stone.

Not only is the magazine's content exceptional, but the layout and graphic design prowess that goes into the mag's page is pretty fucking epic.

anyway, enough babble... check it out at




Four days ago someone stole my bike... it saddens my heart greatly to know that there are people out there who not only nab things that don't belong to them, but that they also go to great lengths to do so.

Anyway... the photo above is not my bike, nor was it ever, but i wish to get one in the same fashion, it looks fast, and fast is quite a bit of fun!


LCD Soundsystem

So, it turns out LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy isn't just playing king of the scene and resting on his laurels... He's actually in the studio right now working on a new record, and judging by their latest single the record should be brilliant. Don't take it from me though, check it out here.



Now, i know that ramen is more than popular, especially in the world of college students and artists; but this is more than ridiculous. Whilst surfing the internet today I ran across a most absurd and strangely useful internet trend: ramen blogging.

Not only do they rate both brick and cup form ramen, but they also provide their readers with recipes to help relieve the monotony of regular old noodles and broth.

Check out the wicked review of original flavour Ichiban at who knew ramen could be the brunt of such witticisms.


this one will be your favorite

So, this is yet another blogging project from yours truly... that being said, this one should last a little longer than a month. I'll be blogging at least once a day, most likely in the wee hours of the morning when I get home from the bar (so please excuse any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors). all i know is that this will be your favorite blog, and if it's not, don't tell me so.