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Born Raw from suprb on Vimeo.


67. And we thought our transit system was rubbish...


FACTORY PARTY, saturday ladies, be there!


In the letter "And Wifey Makes Three," the letter writer stated: "My wife was eager to engage in a threesome with me and our incredibly hot 19-year-old babysitter." The sentence should read: "My wife was disgusted, repulsed, and, in every imaginable way, opposed to the thought of engaging in a threesome with me and our incredibly hot 19-year-old babysitter." Nor did the wife "wildly undulate" while seated on the face of the babysitter, or "moan in unending pleasure" as she watched her "superstud" of a husband give the babysitter "a good seeing-to." The letter writer also doesn't fight crime on the weekends from the confines of a secret underground lair

from here (with more humour!)


get the details here.


Pun intended, the "Woofer" is a co-axial speaker system consisting of two dogs. The custom engineered electronic filters make for great sound, and the aesthetics - well, you've definitely got two new best friends.


no comment

but really, i'm not saying anything here, i think this is an interesting comment by banksy, although the fact that we can even say that it's 'his' quote is perposterous considering the infamy and disguise surrounding him, i digress. the work attributed to the legend is always full of meaning, which is nice, however i don't know that i agree with this comment, my own work tends to be more on the po-mo side of things, however
i hadn't seen these wrapped trees by christo and jeanne-claude before, and am taken with them, i think that their works which wrap living things (be it an office building or tree's) are more sucessful than the cliff-faces etc. plus i really like trees a lot.

the two have me thinking.



the wonder tonic

Quote: “If cocaine is consumed on its own, it yields two principal metabolites, ecgonine methyl ester and benzoyleconine. Neither compound has any discernible psychoactive effect. Cocaine co-administered with alcohol, however, yields a potent psychoactive metabolite, cocaethylene. Cocaethylene is very rewarding agent in its own right. Cocaethylene is formed in the liver by the replacement of the methyl ester of cocaine by the ethyl ester. It blocks the dopamine transporter and induces euphoria. Hence coca wine drinkers are effectively consuming three reinforcing drugs rather than one.”

as quoted from the nonist

see the rest of the brilliant article here


Zachary Scott

This guys IS TOTALLY NUTS! He went to school with CJ Burton from a previous post, and I think it shows, their work is clean.


Here's to the wound that never heals...

Titre du document / Document title

Concealed female external genitals : Possible morpho-psychological clue to unique emotional and cognitive evolutionary matrix of man

Auteur(s) / Author(s)

TOSEVSKI Jovo ; TOSEVSKI Dusica Lecic ;

Résumé / Abstract

Despite genetic similarities between man and other anthropoids, the cognitive abilities of man are distinct Inaccessible and concealed external female genitals are one of the morphological characteristics distinguishing humans from other higher primates. External female sexual organs in subhuman primates are visible and accessible in the habitual quadrupedal and occasional bipedal posture, whereas these organs in the human female are inaccessible and concealed in any posture. A prospective consequence of gradual bipedalism of hominids during evolution was a shifting of the external female genitals in an anterior direction. In the completely bipedal Homo sapiens, this resulted in the vulvo-cryptic phenomenon, i.e. concealed female genitals in humans. Tlie unique morphology of the human female pelvis served as an obstacle to easy access of the male in the process of copulation, necessitating the female's conscious decision for sexual intercourse. This circumstance might have created a psychological basis for female propellant psychosexual manipulation of the male as a natural consequence. Also, through the process of positive selection it could have formed a basis for linking reproductive success with the development of cognitive and emotional capacities. Female consent to copulation is a conscious and complex act that would be impossible without the involvement of highly developed emotional-cognitive and memoric brain systems. Thus the extraordinary evolutionary strategy might imply a teleological link between concealed female genitals and the emotional-cognitive characteristics of man, creating a permanent promoter of further development of emotional and cognitive brain systems with an impact on all domains of everyday life.

CJ Burton

I've worked for this guy for several years and its has been great. his work is ultra conceptual and I dig it. That's me with the sheep.

"You were in a green sweater I was in a cast do you want to do coffee If you are single Let me know"

oh man,
this guy is the coolest. he has apparently met a bunch of women through craigslist missed connections, but not by posting about them, by posting random crap and receiving responses that lead to 'connections'. you gotta read 'til the end though.
check it out!



54. Cannibal Carnival

Neck Face rules! His composition is tight, his subject matter is new and he doesn't give 2 fucks about you...

53. Now on the Honour Roll: Live Fast. Dress Pretty

Whilst browsing Last Night's Party this morning, I stumbled upon something that came as a bit of a surprise to me. Bronques not only has a party photo blog, he also has Live Fast. Dress Pretty. An editorial style blog with music, interviews et al.

Bon appetite...

52. La Forma Feminina...



danger cat

*hair image is grace a mlle Julie Vincent here

'I am not armed'



now this is fashion.
i love AWK!


Les Advertisements Super Sexuel...

I don't know your values, morals or standards, but this shit is hot... Although, I have no idea about the product. I guess if you want to learn about it, you should go here.


I can't believe I forgot about this... Last Night's Party has been my homepage for over a year now, and if you like to party as much as I do, I would recommend strongly that you do the same!

oh, and it's now on the daily's.

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i do love...


new look?


Fake Band

Fun fake band shoot. definitely a good idea.
L-->R Me, Anthony, Jon, Hedda

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The Third Annual White Party: Sunday

This coming Sunday is our annual White Party. This year's theme: The Yacht Party!!! Sponsored by The Private School and our sister site, The Modern Leisure. I hope to see you all there!


New to the Dailys...

Hedi Silmane Diary... check it out, I know I do...

Imagining the Tenth Dimension

Is it just me, or do you feel small after watching that...


Erik Schedin

So, our friends over at The Continuous Lean found perhaps one of the most perplexing online stores I've ever seen... Sweedish designer Erik Schedin has only 3 items for sale from his online boutique (check here). One, a pair of beautiful white sneakers that only come in his size; the next, a pair of "American Optical" frames (pictured above) and finally, what appears to be a vintage bottle of Pledge (375 ml).

Truly bizarre, but aesthetically so pleasant.


Olivo Barbieri

This stuff is intense and should be stared at for hours. He doesn't have an actual site, which sucks but I'll google link you. Here is a sample of what he does. Its usually from helicopter or high vantage point. He also does this look in video with (he did the Thom Yorke video for "Harrowdown Hill') and other things. I've posted two videos and a shot....check out the link though - his shits rad.

(Harrowdown hill)

(site specific_LAS VEGAS 05)|medium|large|xlarge

Happy Sunday!


the new shelton wet/dry

grace in vacuums.

I Am The Modern Man

at what point did dressing like a gentleman become so gauche?



Noah Kalina

So this guys is like a 180 of Dave Hill, but equally if not more impressive. His work reminds me of how I think we see things with our own eyes. Not much else to say except holy shit his lighting and composition are intense. Check out the "Lost and Found" set.



Hey. I'm Randy, I'll be posting here now. Photo stuff mainly. This guys work is nothing short of total insanity, enjoy.