summer to fall

1) yesterday, while enjoying some chinese food at the ever ready u & me, come ten thirty i noticed how dark it was outside. meaning what? autumn is on it’s way and finally having some days off i will no doubt spend them in the few parks that are not under construction in our pubescent city. my favourite right now, for reading, is between 14th and 13th avenue and 6th street sw. here

2) i am also aware of the need to savour the months of snow-free streets to bike. best done in groups i bring your attention to the need of more critical mass biking in calgary. one such, female directed ride can be found here. but of course we can also depend on our community base biking saviours good life for their CM.

3) while looking for the best choice for a new lock, being paranoid and somewhat crazy about my shitty bikes (your junk, my treasure) i discovered the even the best can be broken in less than a minute and unless i want to spend $140 or lug around 10 lbs of chain there's not much you can do to stop someone once they want your bike. i'm debating making a nice sign that say's 'please don't touch my bike, i'm just inside for a minute.' and making sure it's within sight or whatever.

anyways, not having had my own bike stolen, but knowing those who have i think that it's a reasonable idea for everyone to keep any eye out for everyone else. hence the

Calgary Bicycle Recovery League

join the only league that us, as gen y'ers will probably be privy to! stop bike theft. bitch and moan about your theived bike. work together for a solution to the problem.


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