i am a rock, i am an island

lets' talk about booze.
it's lovely.
i loath those who preach ' taste this, you can't even taste the ...'
fuck them, i drink for the booze, i think it's nice, and that's how i was raised (by my best friend) and that's how i hope to always be.
but let me tell you my failsafe hangover cure, useful when its been a good night:

1) don't get so drunk that you can't follow these instructions. (they're simple, c'mon, don't try and kill yourself drinking and you can do it!)
2) when you arrive home/sleeping place, in whatever state: EAT! should include toast with butter or peanut butter (vegans), or some cereal. if it's cereal on the menu, high fat milk helps.
3) the main point: drink twice as much water as you did alcohol. if you didn't keep track of your drinks (which is a exercise to do while you wait for toast to cook) i'd go with around 2 pints of water. plus one for good luck. so basically if you converted every drink into a shot, drink two shots of water. or if you considered the ammount of straight alcohol in a pint of beer (3-9%), have twice that of water. (about a pint for a pint).

eat something with fat in it.
plus twice as much water as booze.
no hangover!

good luck everyone!

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