Bad Fox...


“I love my daughter dearly,” said Tonachio who, believe it or not when you look at her picture, was made a grandma twice over by her other daughter. “But Megan is, well, Megan. She’s open and honest. She’s a real person, which is refreshing. I know she has a good sense of humor, and I take this interview in that context.

“Is it all true? I don’t know. It’s possible she made it up just like it’s possible that it happened. I doesn’t really matter to me.”

Which led to this question about Megan’s affinity for strip bars. Fox, a frequent dweller in diverse “Hot” lists, spreads around another story in LaLaLand. According to a source, Megan first walked into a bosom bazaar at age 16 when, as a junior at St. Lucie West Centennial High School, she and friends trekked south to Club Peekaboo in Lake Worth.

There, the story goes, precocious Megan delighted everyone with gyrations at the proverbial pole - while keeping on her clothes.


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